A high-protein diet and programmed weight training are the most effective ways to build a stronger, leaner and healthier body you are proud of so that you can have the energy to make the impact in your life that you desire.

When you join The Wellness Collective MembershiP you will get access to

  • Progressive fitness programs and on-demand workouts that fit your schedule
  • High-protein recipes to fuel your growth
  • A supportive community of like-minded women to hold you accountable and celebrate your wins

You don't need to wait for your schedule to align with a fitness class or a personal trainer magically.

Join The Wellness Collective Membership today and jump into your new fitness identity!



Get your blood pumping with progressive workout programs and on-demand videos designed to help sculpt your body by building muscle and improving cardiovascular health.

Whether you have 15 minutes or 60, use the time you have to care for your body and mind. You will never regret doing a workout, no matter how long it is.

You can also track your progress and get badges for staying consistent!

Work out when it makes the most sense for your busy schedule.


As a Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Mama, I get how challenging making healthy meals can be because time is precious. My high-protein recipes are delicious and will help you build muscle, recover from your workouts and give you the energy you need to have the impact you want in your personal and professional life. They're also designed to be quick and simple whether you're cooking after a long day of work or while taking care of the kiddos.


Get support, encouragement and accountability from a lively online community of female entrepreneurs, professionals and mothers like you. Give high fives when you set a new personal record and connect on the good and challenging days.


When you join the Wellness Collective Membership,
you'll find many tools designed to transform and support your wellness.

Workout Scheduler

Schedule your workouts so that you stay on track and hit your goals!

Apple, Fitbit and Google Health Syncing

Sync your activity levels from your workouts to keep track of your calories burned, heart rate and more!

Mobility Exercises

Take care of your joints and move better.

Lifting 101

Follow along with video instructions on how to do the exercises so you'll know exactly what you're doing.

New Workouts Added Monthly

Keep your workouts fresh, and look forward to new workouts every month.

Compete in Fitness and Nutrition Challenges

Participate in challenges and use the momentum to stay on top of your goals!

High-Protein Recipes and Healthy Snacks

Once you've discovered your nutrition targets, you've still gotta eat. The recipe finder will help make it delicious.


You're never alone when you're part of The Wellness Collective. Share your wins, ask questions and be supported by a group of wellness enthusiasts just like you!

It's time to invest in your health.

The Wellness Collective is an online space where you will get strong and fit with progressive fitness programs on your own time, access my delicious high-protein recipes and connect with a like-minded community to stay motivated.

Annual Membership

You're ready to start making changes and dive into a full year of transforming your health!

  • 1x 60-min Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation with Megan! ($200 value! Only available as an initial sign-up bonus!)
  • 24/7 Access to The Wellness Collective Membership Fitness Programs & On-Demand Videos
  • Access to High-Protein Recipes
  • Access to The Wellness Collective Facebook Community

$399.99 (save $79.98/year and get two months free!)

By purchasing this membership, you agree to the terms of service.

Yes, I want this!

Monthly Membership

You're ready to dip your toes into a wellness membership that will support you, and you like the comfort of a small monthly investment.

  • 1x 60-min Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation with Megan!
  • 24/7 Access to The Wellness Collective Membership Fitness Programs & On-Demand Videos
  • Access to High-Protein Recipes
  • Access to The Wellness Collective Facebook Community


By purchasing this membership, you agree to the terms of service.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to get started on your wellness journey. Decide that now is the perfect time and see how short, consistent habits will help you get the results you want.


How much does it cost?

If you choose to invest in the annual membership, your investment of $399.99 + tax gets you access to the membership app via Trainerize, access to the community, plus a 1:1 complimentary holistic nutrition session with Megan. If you choose the monthly membership, your investment is $39.99/month, and you can cancel anytime.

How do I know it's for me?

Do you love all things health and wellness? Then, The Wellness Collective Membership is for you. It combines healthy recipes with progressive workout programs and a connection-focused community to round out your wellness journey. Megan is keen on helping you feel your absolute best.

Does it matter if I'm new to fitness?

Nope! If you're just getting started, this is the best way to start your fitness journey because you can choose your workouts based on your comfort level and capabilities. You also have access to the community to get your questions answered.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. You'll have more fun if you complete your profile and contribute to the community, but you can also use The Wellness Collective as a more straightforward fitness app if you'd like.  

When can I get started?

As soon as you sign up!

Does my location matter?

Anyone can use the Wellness Collective app and join the community.

What kind of recipes can I expect to receive?

Easy and delicious is the name of the game. Megan Horsley is not only a nutritionist and trainer, but she is also a seasoned recipe developer and food photographer, so she knows what it takes to create a delicious and healthy recipe. High protein is a critical component of Megan's recipes because she believes the higher protein recipes are the most effective to help you build muscle, lose weight, maintain energy levels, balance your blood sugar and more!  

What are the challenges all about?

Some challenges will be about your nutrition, like a 7-day sugar-free challenge, for example, or your mindset, as in a meditation challenge and your fitness, such as a 30-day muscle-building challenge. Some months, you can expect to win prizes for participating the most!